Thursday, December 25, 2008

Just for fun!

Brooke got a "dancing" skirt today and wore it all day and even to bed. Here are a couple of photos of Brooke just being Brooke! I love that girl!
(Rob and Brooke...just hanging out)

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas morning was awesome! Brooke loved it (she is feeling a little sick) for the most part and was excited to open her presents! Julie, Nick, and Trevor came over for breakfast. Julie makes the best cinnamon rolls. We spent the day relaxing, eating, and taking naps. It was so nice to be able to stay home and spend time together. We hope that everyone had a MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS! We love you! One of Brooke's presents was a tea set. We spent a lot of time pretending today!
Brooke gave Rob a couple of dvd's.
Brooke gave me a dvd too (great minds think alike).

Christmas Eve!!

Christmas this year has been wonderful because everything is done for Brooke, and she is starting to understand it. We love teaching her about the true meaning of Christmas along with the magic of Santa and everything that goes along with that. Last night, Rob and Brooke left cookies out for Santa. This morning when she woke up she first thing she asked about was the cookies and milk. Santa even left her a note thanking her for the delicious cookies.

I hope Santa liked the skim milk.
On Christmas Eve, the last couple of years we have just stayed home as a family and done our own little program. We had a turkey dinner (I ruined everything I touched...just ask Rob) and then did the navitity story, read some Christmas books, and sang some songs (all by the warm and toasty fire). We ended the night with a few family photos by the tree.

Christmas Tree and Cold Weather!

It took us a while to put our Christmas Tree up, but I loved how it turned out! This year the tree was real. Every year Rob and I have a debate about fake vs. real and at least for this year...real has won. Brooke loved helping put the ornaments on and she had the honor of putting the star up, with Rob's help.
The same day we put our tree up we ventured outside for a little fun, but boy was it cold. We only stayed outside probably 10 minutes (Brooke was bundled up) but by the time we came back in our noses and hands were frozen! Winter had finally arrived in Utah, and hasn't let up. On Monday, I went to work and it snowed at least 9 inches in about an hour and half. It just dumped snow, it was beautiful to watch!

Brooke roasting a marshmellow with Rob, trying not to freeze.


A Christmas tradition we had growing up was making gingerbread houses and gingerbread men. My mom would make gingerbread men every year when we were in elementary school for our classes on our birthdays. I know it wasn't on my mom's top 10 list of fun things to do but they always made me feel extra special on my birthday (our friends were so impressed that our mom would do that for us...she's the best!). My mom also made the best gingerbread houses, from scratch. I loved it! So this year Julie and I decided to make them for our birthdays. Let's just say that we have a lot of work to do to get to my mom's skill level but hey, at least they were standing! Trevor dropped a piece of my roof, hence it looks like it went through an earthquake, but I loved how they turned out.

Birthday Photos

I haven't blogged about my great 27th birthday. Robert and Nick took Julie and I (Brooke and Trevor too) to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. I love eating at Sweet Tomatoes-salads are the best, and I love some of their soups. After dinner we went back to Julie and Nick's and did the cake and icecream thing. Every year growing up, Julie and I would get a Christmas tree cake and Rob and Nick have carried on that tradition (every year getting more and more creative). This year it was a 3-D tree...pretty darn amazing!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas!

When we decorated our tree, Brooke took two of the bell ornaments and started dancing to the song. This is a different time but you can see her hips swing at the begining of the video just like she did with the bell ornaments (one in each hand) was funny! I also love her kicks. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Del Sol Style (and I turned 27 today).

On Friday night, Robert and I went to his company's work party. It was such a nice evening. Great food, great friends, and just an overall great time. Brooke also loved that we went out because Cortney babysat and Brooke just loves it when that happens.
Today I turned 27! One year older and wiser too (well, I don't think I am getting any wiser but I have the older part down pretty well). I had the best day (I'll post some photos later). Robert and Brooke treated me like a princess. I also had so many well wishes from family and friends (thanks everyone)! I think 27 is going to be a great year! (ps every year at the del sol christmas party we get our photo taken and it is hideous (seriously, i have to burn it) but this year my friend heidi, she works at del sol, was taking the photos and she did such a great job (doesn't rob look handsome) ...heidi you are amazing!).

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving and This Week!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! What a wonderful holiday and what a great day we enjoyed! I am grateful for so many things: family, friends, good health, photography, the gospel...the list is endless. We had a really kicked back day. We got up, read the ads and then went to Thanksgiving dinner at lunch time. We were invited to dinner with Rob's friend and his family, we had a great time (thanks for the invite!). The food was delicious too. I love Thanksgiving when the food is divided up so one person isn't stuck in the kitchen all day cooking. We were able to have two of my sisters come to town this week (each for different reasons) and it was nice having family it (I just love my sisters!).
Rob and Brooke relaxing, watching a movie after a great meal.
Jenn and Brooke, right before I took Jenn to the airport. Brooke just loves her aunts (Brooke is pulling a face in this photo).
Last night we all went out to dinner (my sisters, Nick, Trevor, me, Rob, and Brooke) at Applebee's. It was fun and we did a little shoe shopping after. On Wednesday afternoon we went to Gardner Village to see the elves and to go to a couple of the shops they have there. Brooke looking at the elves and ducks.
Trevor and Brooke with the elves.
Brooke and I (Brooke wanted to go home at this point).
On Tuesday, we went to a small inside amusement park in Midvale. Brooke loved a couple of the rides. Here she is concentrating on keeping the lever down to fly the rocket.
Brooke and Trevor driving the cars through the jungle.
The "rollercoaster."
The swings (Brooke would rather go on a carousel).
The Carousel.
On Monday night, Nessa and I went to Julie's volleyball game. We were cheering loudly but they didn't win (next time we will cheer even louder). It has been such a great week and the frosting on the cake will be shopping tomorrow (I'll let you know how it goes). Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Dancing, Dancing, Dancing!

Back in October I mentioned that Brooke and I went to the mall and she would stop at every store where she heard the music and start dancing. Well, on Wednesday we went to Gardner Village (it was a beautiful day) and she heard some music and started dancing. This time I got a few of her moves on tape (I wish I could have gotten all of it but I was too slow)! Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I am a Child of God

Here is Brooke in her musical debut, or should I say dancing debut? We will let you decide.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


1. What is your husbands name? Robert Randall Bird
2. How long have you been married? 5 Years
3. How long did you date? 9 months
4. How old is he? 30!!!
5. Who eats sweets? Definately me. Rob likes sweets but I seem to get them before he does (this is a result of my childhood...growing up my mom rarely bought treats and when she did you had to be quick or you wouldn't get any).
6. Who said I love you first? Rob said it first but I could have said it a long time before it actually happened.
7. Who is taller? Rob
8. Who can sing better? Rob (sometimes in church he'll laugh at me and tell me I am way off...we have a good laugh and then I sing louder).
9. Who is smarter?
Rob 10. Who does laundry? No one (that's the problem)
11. Who pays the bills? Me
12. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I don't know (I get my rights and my lefts confused). 13. Who mows the lawn? We both do but I mow it more.
14. Who cooks dinner? we both do (we eat a lot of cheese sandwiches)
15. Who drives? Both of us.
16. Who is first to admit they are wrong? it depends
17. Who kissed who first? Rob (and I wasn't not expecting it and it was pretty bad).
18. Who asked who out first? Rob
19. Who wears pants? We both do (except on Sundays and I wear a skirt).
**I tag anyone who wants to be tagged**

Friday, November 14, 2008

RV Pad

I posted some photos last May of our backyard and sideyard getting torn up and ready for our RV Pad...well the last week in October it finally happened. To make a long story short the circumstances surrounding the cement were not the greatest and to top it off we just couldn't find anyone to help the day of, we were doing it midweek. Two of our neighbors were unbelievably kind and generous and they helped all day long, again not in the best circumstances, truly sacraficing on our behalf. I am so grateful for their love and help (and their families too) because it is a huge blessing to have it done and doesn't it look AMAZING!!!

A Little of This and a Little of That-

I haven't posted in awhile so I thought I would share just a few photos about what we have been up to.
This is Brooke's BFF (okay babysitter but seriously Brooke just LOVES her). Anytime we pass her house she is asking to see her for at least an hour after. Sometimes just randomly throughout the day Brooke asks for her and just won't stop asking until, well I am not sure why she eventually stops. Brooke loves sitting by her at church and basically just loves her. She is coming to babysit Brooke tonight but I am not mentioning it until she comes over, otherwise it would be a really long day. Thanks for everything Cortney! I have the greatest mom in the whole entire world. There isn't anything she can't do because if she doesn't know how to do it then she will figure it out. While we were in IN we went to Goodwill and I found this cute shirt there for 4 dollars. It was in the wrong size but my mom worked her super powers and altered it for me! I just wanted to post a photo of me wearing so she can see how great it turned out! THANKS MOM!
I am so grateful for the opportunity that we had to vote. Brooke and I showing off our "I VOTED" stickers. Brooke wasn't very excited about her sticker!
Rob and Brooke getting ready to walk across the street to vote (the school where we vote is right out our front door). I let Brooke kinda choose her outfit. Rob wasn't so sure it worked...I thought it was funny (and warm)!

New Blog I Discovered...

Okay, I didn't really discover this blog. The "SuperMom" herself moved into our neighborhood and she told me about it. And because I LOVE blogs, I just couldn't wait to check it out! It is a great site full of fun ideas and helpful hints. Check it out (the button is on the side) because she is doing a giveaway each day next week if anyone is interested. Added bonus, here is a link( to one of my favorite ideas for Thanksgiving that she has posted!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kite Flying

Rob was cleaning out the garage yesterday and Brooke wanted to fly a kite, so he took some time and showed her how it was done. She just loved!! Yesterday was such a beautiful day...the perfect day to fly a kite!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Tonight was filled with a lot of TREATS! This was the first year we took Brooke out to go trick- or- treating. She loved it and did a really good job knocking and saying, "trick-or-treat." Julie and Trevor came over, we all ate dinner and then went down our street. It was a lot of fun. I wore my costume (Rob didn't feel so inclined to this time) and just enjoyed ourselves. The biggest plus side was the weather was perfect, about 68 degrees (or so).
This was Brooke's official trick-or-treat house (our neighbor's house).
The three of us in front of our house (I don't think we take enough photos of the outside of our house and one day we will look back and want to see it...maybe?!)
Rob and Brooke at Brooke's second official house.
Here are all the treats.
Brooke and Trevor at the end of the night, ready to dig in.

Happy Halloween Monster Style

Happy Halloween!!!! Brooke and I went to the mall and hung out before Rob's company Halloween party. We went to the fountain and made a wish. We then spent the majority of the time going up and down the escalators...Brooke loves 'em! Brooke would also stop in the front of each store where she heard music and just busta move. She would just break out into these awesome dance moves for a few seconds and then we would keep walking until she heard more music at the next store and do the same was HILARIOUS! It was a great start to Halloween. We then went trick-or-treating at Rob's work, to all the different departments. Brooke and me.
Rob and Brooke. A group shot. Julie and I made our costumes this year..thanks Jules for your help. I had this idea to be Monster's Inc. for a long time but we didn't start making them until Tuesday. Julie and I had never made and outfit before so it was a lot of trial and error but they turned out AMAZINGLY (if I do say so myself). Brooke was Boo, Rob was Sulley and I was Mike (if you couldn't tell). Brooke even wore her costume for the entire party, which made me very happy. What a great Halloween and the day isn't even over is almost time for trick-or-treating!!! Happy Halloween!