Thursday, January 1, 2009

Roller Skating!

It was actually ice skating, but Brooke called it roller skating all day long. Today we started a tradition, going ice skating on New Year's Day! I told Rob that if we went he would have to help Brooke because I would be concentrating hard enough just to keep myself up. Well, I was right. Rob helped Brooke the entire time we were skating. Brooke just loved it. She didn't quite figure it out but when it was time to go she cried because she wanted to stay and go around a few more times. We had a lot of fun and maybe one year I'll be able to get away from the wall (we can all dream :)!

Happy New Year!

What do you get late at night, with two tired girls and a camera? A couple of goofballs! Here Brooke and I are passing the time until the New Year (it took a really long time)!