Sunday, April 27, 2008

Brooke Singing a Few Songs

The following songs (as well as this one) were taken this morning. Brooke loves doing the actions to songs so we thought we would get it on tape and share it with everyone. Pardon my singing. "The Wheels on the Bus" is for Grandma Beverlee. Enjoy!

Carousel Ride

On Friday night, Robert and I took Brooke to the South Towne Mall for a Carousel Ride. She was a little scared at first but once she found the perfect horse (yes, she had to pick it herself) she was buckled in and ready to go. She loved riding on the carousel. She was smiling, waving, blowing kissses and saying "wheee" (this is how she shows excitement) as they circled around each time. It was a hoot to see her ride it. Sorry no photos, we couldn't find the camera but trust me it was pretty stinkin' cute and we will definately do it again and I'll bring the camera.

DI Find

This week Julie and I went to DI and I found this toy for Brooke for only $3.00. I was very excited. In nursury, they have a blue horsie that Brooke loves to ride so I had been thinking about buying one for her. Well when I saw this one I just had to get it for her. She loves it. The day we bought it she rode it all over our family room, saying "wheee" the entire day. It doesn't look like anything because it had a cloth cow cover over it that I took off because it wasn't in the best of shape (and I didn't think it was that cute) but she can use her imagination to make it a yellow horsie.


This is what happens when you leave your purse on the ground for Brooke to get into. She got out my lipstick (the only one I own--sorry Jenn I loved it while I had it) and ate it, wore it, rubbed it on the carpet and walls...what a mess but she thought she was "pretty." (You can kinda see the lipstick around her face, she also had it on her arms and in her hair...too funny)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Most Recent Photo of Brooke

This photo was taken last night before Rob and I went to Park City.
Julie and Nick watched Brooke overnight, while Rob and I went to PC to stay at the Marriott and hang out with all the Del Sol employees. Del Sol reached their 2007 goals and so they invited all the employees up to PC for an evening of fun and friends. We got there around 7:00 pm, ate yummy food, drank yummy drinks and then played video games. Rob was a total rocker with "Rock Band" and I tore it up on "Guitar Hero." We enjoyed ourselves and are very grateful Rob works for a great company.
Today we just slept in, had lunch, went to visit Joe and Miranda (Rob's cousins who live in PC), and then came home. On the way home I got a huge urge to eat a carmel apple from Rocky Mountain Candy Factory. I wish I would have had this urge in PC because they have two, but we were already on our way home. So I called my mom and she found one in Fort Union. Some of you may already know this but when I get an idea I just won't let it drop. So Robert, being the best husband in the whole entire world, humored me and said we could go. We couldn't find it, so after a few more calls to my mom, and a half an hour later we were almost ready to give up but then there it was. I have the greatest husband and little girl (look how adorable Brooke looks in that photo--she is so beautiful and can always make you laugh). I love Rob, Brooke, and Snickers covered carmel apples.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Brooke and Her Blankie

Brooke LOVES her blankie and takes it pretty much everywhere (it gets so dirty so fast).
Brooke snuggling her blankie.

I love toe shots.

Along with her blankie she sucks her thumb, they go hand in hand.

Brooke has one corner of her blankie that she just loves. She has to have that corner or she won't go to sleep. She twitches her blankie (like my sister Julie did with her blankie) and sometimes puts her favorite corner up her nose (she got that from her Momma). Too funny!

Brooke Again

One of Brooke's favorite things is to watch the kids go to school. So she stands on the couch and looks out our front window. She loves people watching.

I mentioned in a previous post that Brooke is getting good at giving hugs and kisses. Here is her pucker, look at those lips.

Shout Out to Mr. T

Brooke is very fortunate to live by her cousin, Trevor. She gets to see him alot and for the most part enjoys it (she is in a phase right now where she doesn't like him to touch her, but hopefully that will pass soon) and she loves him very much. Since Julie doesn't have a blog I decided to post a couple of Trevor. So here goes.
Trevor has the biggest blue eyes, but his eyelashes are also incredible.

Here is Trevor just hanging out (Jon-do you recongize the pants?).

Julie and I have both passed on our "crinckle noses" to Trevor and Brooke (respectively). So here is Trevor doing a pretty good crinckle.

Potty Time

Brooke went potty in the toilet about a week and half ago. I am not potty training but just trying to get her used to the idea. She has only done it again one other time so I think it will be awhile. But I was so excited when she went I had to "capture" the moment. Robert thought the last one was digusting but I imagine everyone looking at this blog has seen something more disgusting than baby pee, hence the post. In the first photo you'll notice Brooke is saying "cheese" again.

Just Hangin' Out

Brooke and I were just messing around with the camera one day. I love the 2nd one because she is giving me a hug. She is getting really good at giving hugs and kisses...we LOVE it.

Rob and Brooke. Brooke is into saying "cheese" when her photo is getting taken and this is the face she pulls. You'll see it often in some of the upcoming posts. It makes us laugh.

Grandma Jean

Brooke just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!