Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just Brooke

Brooke loves putting on this hat, even though it is too small (and she loves bubbles). She also loves putting buckets on her head.
She loves her baby and her purse.
She loves watching "Jungle Book," "Nemo," and "Little Mermaid."
She loves putting boxes on her head too. Funny girl!

"Oh What Do You Do In The Summertime...

...with a roll of foil?"I saw these photos somewhere and though it was funny. Someone had way too much free time on his/her hands.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

We Will Miss You--Grandpa!

This past week, Robert's grandfather passed away. His funeral service was in St. George on Friday and his burial service on Saturday in Orem. Robert's family (all his siblings and his mom and dad) were able to go to the funeral in St. George. Though the circumstances weren't the best it was so nice to be able to have all of Rob's siblings and parents here for a short visit. I just love his family and we will miss his grandpa dearly. These couple of photos were taken a couple of months ago (May) when we were able to go down to St. George to visit Grandpa and Helen. What a sweet blessing it was to be able to go and spend time for a couple days. Memories we will treasure forever. We love you, Grandpa!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


My brother and his family are in town this weekend so we decided to do something fun. We went downtown to Discovery Gateway an interactive museum for kids. Brooke and her cousins had a lot of fun. I'll post a few more photos later but here are a few.
Brooke 'climbing' on the rock wall.
Brooke going to the market.
Brooke playing with a puzzle.
Brooke in a helicopter (one of her favorite words).
Brooke driving the helicopter.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Tonight we had a great evening together. It started with Robert getting off work a little early and we headed to Raging Waters (a local water park). We enjoyed ourselves for a couple of hours and then on our way home we stopped at Seven-Eleven. Since today is July 11th (7.11) they give out free slurpees so we all got one. As you can tell from out tongues we all got Wild Cherry. Things tend to taste better when they are free. We had a lot of fun.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July Weekend

Over the 4th, I went to Idaho to visit and left Rob and Brooke alone! They had a good time together and I enjoyed myself too. Here are a couple of photos from Rob and Brooke's weekend (I had a couple of photoshoots with family members and you can see those on my photo blog). Here Rob and Brooke put "stickies" on their noses. Brooke loves stickers.
Brooke is watching Rob play WOW and she loves seeing the horsie.

Rob took Brooke to ride the carousel and they had a great time, until they were ready to leave...Brooke hates leaving places.

Rob kept Brooke up so I could see her Sunday night (photo). It was actually pretty funny when I got home, let's just say that she wasn't too excited to see me.

We both had great weekends and it was definately fun to get back home to see Rob and Brooke, I missed them a lot. I am grateful for the 4th and for the freedoms we enjoy and the people who fight to protect those freedoms. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend too.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Yesterday, Robert got home from work and Brooke and I just happened to be outside so Brooke got on his motorcyle (she loves saying that word). She already looks like she is enjoying herself too much.