Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Tonight was filled with a lot of TREATS! This was the first year we took Brooke out to go trick- or- treating. She loved it and did a really good job knocking and saying, "trick-or-treat." Julie and Trevor came over, we all ate dinner and then went down our street. It was a lot of fun. I wore my costume (Rob didn't feel so inclined to this time) and just enjoyed ourselves. The biggest plus side was the weather was perfect, about 68 degrees (or so).
This was Brooke's official trick-or-treat house (our neighbor's house).
The three of us in front of our house (I don't think we take enough photos of the outside of our house and one day we will look back and want to see it...maybe?!)
Rob and Brooke at Brooke's second official house.
Here are all the treats.
Brooke and Trevor at the end of the night, ready to dig in.

Happy Halloween Monster Style

Happy Halloween!!!! Brooke and I went to the mall and hung out before Rob's company Halloween party. We went to the fountain and made a wish. We then spent the majority of the time going up and down the escalators...Brooke loves 'em! Brooke would also stop in the front of each store where she heard music and just busta move. She would just break out into these awesome dance moves for a few seconds and then we would keep walking until she heard more music at the next store and do the same was HILARIOUS! It was a great start to Halloween. We then went trick-or-treating at Rob's work, to all the different departments. Brooke and me.
Rob and Brooke. A group shot. Julie and I made our costumes this year..thanks Jules for your help. I had this idea to be Monster's Inc. for a long time but we didn't start making them until Tuesday. Julie and I had never made and outfit before so it was a lot of trial and error but they turned out AMAZINGLY (if I do say so myself). Brooke was Boo, Rob was Sulley and I was Mike (if you couldn't tell). Brooke even wore her costume for the entire party, which made me very happy. What a great Halloween and the day isn't even over is almost time for trick-or-treating!!! Happy Halloween!

FHE and pumpkins!

This Monday we went to a pumpkin patch and carved the pumkins for FHE.
The final products.
Me carving and Brooke coloring her pumpkin.
Brooke wanted nothing to do with gutting the pumpkin...she wouldn't go near it.
The pumpkin patch. Brooke wanted to push the wheel barrow.
So here she is pushing it! Brooke found the perfect pumpkins (I think Julie helped her)!


After we got back from IN/KY, Robert and I (along with our good friends) went to San Fransisco. It was a blast. We went to SF because Rob won some concert tickets. So we all hung out together seeing the sights and the night of the concert Rob went with his friend, Adrian to the concert and then Stacie and I just hung out at the hotel and watch a movie.
We went to the beach and found a lot of sand dollars. Rob and I being goofy.
Me showing off our sand dollars. There were a lot in that one spot...Adrian and Stacie got a bunch.
We went to Union Square and did a little shopping, none of us bought anything but it was cool to see all the people. We also went to Chinatown.
Here is the yacht we are going to purchase one was huge!
We went to the Aquarium at the Pier.
I had a hard time touching the fish (but I touched the shark and the star fish).
One of the highlights of the whole trip was going to Alcatraz (sp). It was really neat. We walked around with this recorders and listened to some of the stories and things that happend on "The Rock."
You can see the three floors in the background of this photo.
Adrian and Stacie in one of the cells...Rob too.
"The Rock"
Rob and I at the Pier.
A sidewalk show, I thought it was pretty funny.
We went to Golden Gate Park and did the paddle boats. I felt bad because Adrian and Stacie ended up paddling more than half. I was also terrified the whole time because water just kept coming in (unless you were paddling backwards...go figure). It was really fun though.
Golden Gate Park.
We had so much fun. Thanks Julie for watching Brooke and letting us take this little vacation!

IN and KY

So the first part of October I "surprised" Rob with a trip for his 30th birthday to see his family. We had so much fun and hope to go back sometime in the next couple of years! I uploaded the photos in reverse order, so either scroll down or just start at the end!
Rob and Brooke waiting for Julie to pick us up at the airport. We left IN's 80 degree weather for SLC's 45 degree weather. The weekend we were gone it snowed in SL.
On Tuesday, the day we left IN we went to the Children's Museum...and it was INCREDIBLE! Seriously, it had everything you could possibly want in a museum: trains, dinos, cars, cartoons, and so much more!
Here we are as a family in front of a T-Rex and
in front of the Batmobile (car #8) they used in the Batman Begin, Dark Night movies.
Grandma B. and Brooke on a pony. Brooke didn't like this ride very much.
Brooke and Grandma B. in a Soda Shoppe
Robert (having a really fun time) and Brooke on the Carousel (sorry for the blurry photo...low light and movement).
Brooke and I in a race car.
Brooke playing at the water station.
While we were at Grandma and Grandpa B's house, Brooke and Grandma loved baking.
They made cookies and apple crisp. When you mention making cookies now Brooke says, "Grandma."
While they were making the apple crisp, Brooke would take a bite of an apple slice, say "delicious" and then add it to the pile and take a bite from another slice, it was adorable.
In Indy there is the best children's park. It had a few hiking trails, this pond, and two toy sets (one for bigger kids and one for smaller kids). Just look at those beautiful fall colors. It was gorgeous.

Brooke loved the swings.
We went to KY for the weekend of Rob's birthday. We were able to hang out with Rob's brothers and their families. We had a really great time.
Will sneaking out of bed to see what is going on.
Us singing "Happy Birthday" to Rob. Rob is pouting in this photo like Brooke does.
I took some other photos while we were in KY but I haven't gotten around to processing them yet. It is on my to-do list.
Brooke eating icecream after she made cookies.
Brooke and Grandpa B. Grandpa has these things called Trikke's and Rob and I got pretty darn good at them while we were there. It took me a while to get the hang of it but by the end I thought they were really fun.
Making cookies.

In IN Brooke and I both got our haircut. Beverlee's cousin/friend (so related to us also somehow) Jenna is an amazing hair stylist and cut/color my hair while we were there and I just love it.
Brooke and I all prettied up. Brooke got a sucker because she behaved so well, I didn't get a sucker?!

Brooke at Rob at the SLC Airport waiting for our plane to take us on our trip. Brooke was so great on the airplane and the flights both ways were really get, hardly any turbulance. We flew on an airline (no names mentioned) that charges for everything so we carried on all of our stuff). I didn't know that one of the bags could roll down the aisle of the airplane so on the first leg I ended up hitting some guy in first class about three times with my bags...he wasn't very happy with me (a woman in first class though was very nice and helped me get my bags through some of the seats)...too funny.
We had such an amazing time and we are so grateful for family! Thanks for all your help everyone in IN and KY for feeding us, letting us sleep at your houses, and for "bakin' a cake." THANKS for EVERYTHING!