Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Farm Animals and Gardens

Today was a really, really fun day. Brooke and I along with a couple other moms and kids went to Thanksgiving Point in Utah County. The month of August they had $2 Tuesday to each location, so we went to the Farm Animals Barn and the Children's Gardens. It was great! and Brooke was so brave. She went on the pony ride all by herself and she fed the sheep right out of her hand (she didn't like when the sheep licked her so by the end she was just throwing the food in). Brooke loves animals so it is really nice that she is feeling more comfortable around them (I try not to be a chicken so she can be brave but deep down I want to run away screaming). We then went out to eat...I love great days! (I forgot my camera but luckily Julie had hers...thanks Jules).

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our Kitchen Update!

Many of you know that we are in the process of updating our kitchen. The cabinets are in and it looks great but there are still a few things to do . So until the countertops are in and the backsplash I am not going to post a photo. I want you to be able to see the finished product! Hopefully that will be in a week or so. It is so nice to have a new kitchen and I am so grateful for Robert, his Dad and his mom for making my new kitchen a reality (it was a good 3.5 years in the making). Thanks!

Chocolate Muffin

Brooke had a chocolate muffin for breakfast this morning and it got all over her face. Lately she has been asking to go to church everyday so I am glad when Sundays come so she can actually go to church.

Taking her Clothes Off.

Brooke is in a stage where she doesn't like to wear clothes anymore so she just takes them off and runs around in a diaper (but at least she still has a diaper on).

Tuesday at the Beach and the Cheese Factory!

Tuesday we headed off to Canon Beach, Pacific City, and the Tillamook Cheese Factory (I had to get some icecream!). Brooke at the cheese factory watching how they make the cheese. Brooke got bored of watching them make cheese.
I am not sure what she is doing here but it makes me laugh.
Brooke running from the waves at the beach.
Walking into the ocean.
Brooke drying off after Canon Beach, she fell.
We had someone take this for us at the end of our trip.
Family Photo.
Brooke and I laughing and eating icecream (I LOVE this photo).
Brooke tired after a long day.
Brooke found a sand dollar in the water. I wanted to keep it for her but she threw it back into the water.
She is showing Robert her great find.
We had a wonderful trip to Oregon and loved every second of it. Hopefully we can go back sometime soon.


Rob (and Brooke) with family at the base of the waterfall. We hiked the mile to the top and the kids did a great job. It was a fun hike!A little over halfway. Brooke is really tired can you tell?
At the top, on the lookout. Brooke is sleeping.
We didn't want to wake Brooke so we just put her on this rock.
I think she thought it was pretty comfortable (the cool rock felt was pretty warm after the hike).

Cont. from the Post Below-

Brooke and I at The Rose Gardens.On Sunday we went to Rob's Aunt's House to eat a delicious dinner and to visit. We saw his grandma, his cousin and his Aunt and just enjoyed the whole evening together. It was so nice seeing them.
On Monday we made our way to some waterfalls. We stopped at this lookout point and walked around.

Here we are playing in the creek at the bottom of the falls. We had a delicious pinic lunch and let the "kids" play in the water.

It Has Been a Few Weeks... lets catch up! We went to Oregon on August 2nd for a little family vacation! We had a lot of fun!
Brooke and Robert waiting at the airport to board the airplane to fly to OR.

Brooke was really lucky and got a window seat all by herself.

The Saturday we arrived we went to The Rose Gardens. It was beautiful and Brooke had a great time running around. Right next to The Rose Gardens they had a great playground that Brooke really enjoyed.

Brooke with her Aunt and her cousin at the Rose Gardens.

Brooke with her other Aunt (families are so wonderful)!

5 Years Ago on August 9th-

I married the greatest guy in the whole world! He is so absolutely amazing! This photo was taken in the exact spot he proposed to me over 5 years ago, when we were in Oregon a few weeks ago, and he even gave me the ring of my dreams (I lost my first engagement ring about 10 months after we were married and I always wanted another one)! I am so lucky to be married to Robert. I love him and I am excited to see what the next five years has in store.